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Interfaith Hospitality Network

Serving the Homeless in Our Own Community
Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) is a response to homelessness where congregations from various spiritual traditions and other service organizations join together to provide shelter and activities for homeless persons.

IHN provides families compassionate assistance by offering housing, food and social services through the network of interfaith congregations.  The assistance includes getting the homeless back on their feet-helping them find stable employment and permanent housing-helping them regain their sense of dignity.

Dozens of interfaith congregations from this community support these ongoing efforts by providing nightly lodging, food, and support in a safe and protected environment.  Many volunteers are needed to carry out this important ministry:

People to:  

  • Stay overnight
  • Provide Dinner for our Families
  • Provide activities for the children during the evening
  • Set up the rooms on the lower level
  • Clean up the rooms at the end of the week
  • Drive our guests to and from the IHN Center
  • Provide food and drink for breakfast
  • Clean and take care of the laundry after our guests leave.

To receive more information please contact the church by phone at 913-888-7775
or For more information: www.jocoihn.org

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