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The Mission Partnership Team was formed in the spring of 2003 in order to explore ways for Knox to be involved in international missions.  The team has studied the Biblical mandate for reaching out into the world to spread God's word, explored different models of missions, learned about different countries, and traveled on mission trips to five potential sites.  The team also wrote monthly articles for the church newsletter and taught a Sunday School class.

Through this process, we believe that God led us to Payap Church in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Less than 3% of the population in Thailand are Christians and yet the Thai people are open to hearing about God's word.  Our goal is to develop a long term relationship with this church through repeated trips to this place and welcoming their members here.  We hope to exchange ideas, learn from each others' strengths and participate in sharing God's word in both places.

From 2005 - 2011 Knox Members and Payap Members completed trips to each others countries to learn about our cultures, help with ways to start different minisitries and strengthen all of our faiths.   We worked with others in both communities to spread our Mission and love of God.  

The Partnership continued in 2013 when Knox hosted Janeny Jane for nearly three months.   Jane worked with the children and youth at Payap Church and was also involved in singing and teaching.   She shared how God is working in Thailand and how God used her to teach and help at Knox.  
Knox members have visited Thailand in the summers of 2015 and 2016 to meet with our Payap family and to help teach English at the Payap University through a program initiated by our good friend and Mission Partner through Presbytery USA,  Esther Wakeman, who serves as Chaplain at Payap University. 

Riew Khamkongchan, an Elder with Payap Church, his wife Dew and son Daniel completed a month long visit to
Knox in the fall of 2016 and were able to share what they do as Full time workers for Campus Crusade for Christ
in Thailand (CRU).  They go to College campuses all over Thailand to share the Gospel of Christ and mentor
new Christians.  Their faith and testimony was an inspiration to many at Knox and others.  Riew is a great
member of our partnership team.  The Khamkongchan family welcomed Hannah Grace on June 19, 2017.  
nother Payap baby to love.   Congratulations. 

This summer of 2017, we have been blessed to have 2 of our members, Kelsey Campbell and Marisa Jarboe go to
Thailand for 2 months, June and July to intern with Payap Church.   They were sharing, studying, worshipping, learning
and enjoying seeing many aspects of the Thai culture, including learning to Thai dance.    From July 5-27,  Jeff Suknot,
Kira Moylan and Dianne Conway joined them and all helped teach conversational English at Payap University along
with volunteers from other places and Payap Church.   We also spent time with our brothers and sisters at Payap
and doing some rennovation work together. on their community rooms. 



We have also had the joy and privilege of hosting the Christian Communications Institute team associated with Payap University in Chiang Mai several times to share their messages  through Ligay and Dance with us and the local Thai community. Back in 1976 The Rev. Allan Eubank began leading teams of seminary students on evangelistic trips to various Christian churches and schools in Thailand.  Music, dance, and drama (including traditional Thai Ligay) were used to communicate the Gospel. These efforts met with such a positive response that, in 1981, Payap University established the Christian Communications Institute (C.C.I.) as its evangelistic arm. Its purpose was to spread the Good News through Thai cultural expressions. The institute now uses traditional and modern drama and music together with audio-visual technical support. It also serves the community and Church by offering communications workshops.


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