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Behavior Expectations

Church should be a welcoming, safe, loving place for all children. We know all children arrive to us from different backgrounds and experiences, and sometimes certain activities can bring out challenging behaviors.

Our caring, grace-filled teachers encourage children to follow our five ways to “Be”:

  • Be Respectful

  • Be Kind

  • Be Safe

  • Be Responsible

  • Be Honest

During the year we discuss, model and reinforce these through a variety of ways, including Bible Bucks, praise and small rewards for positive reinforcement.

When children are struggling with appropriate behavior, our teachers and directors use a variety of ways to redirect and remind children of the expected behaviors. If after three attempts to discourage the inappropriate behavior, the parent will be contacted and be asked to keep their child with them for the remainder of the activity time (all of Sunday morning or choir time, etc.)

ANY act of verbal, physical aggression of violence is an IMMEDIATE removal from the activity. A conference will need to be held before the child may return to Knox Kids programming.