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Lenten Devotion

Prayer: “Lord Jesus, draw us closer to You as we focus on Your life and ministry.”

Read: Luke 4:1-13. Focus on the three temptations that Jesus faced in this story; recognizing that He went through similar things that you and I may face today.

Take time to observe what God allowed His Son, Jesus, to go through in these trials. He allowed the devil to tempt Jesus. Why would God let Jesus faces these hard temptations? What are the temptations that you face at school, work or even at home? Share with your family.

Parents: share why you forgive your children even when they sin or do not behave in the way they were told to act.

Children: share with parents how you forgive them when they get angry with you.

Read: Hebrews 4:15. It is a wonderful passage that might help us understand how Jesus faced the same temptations we face in life.

Children: do you think you face the same temptations as your parents?

Explain your answer to the family.

Earlier Event: March 10
Traditional Worship
Later Event: March 11
Women's Bible Study